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  • All Claim payments will be through Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT)

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  • No cashless facility at the following hospitals. Find the list here.

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  • I wish to thank you and the Vidal Health TPA team for extending impeccable services to ACS India. Very few people have the qualities of 110% plus service as tag lines and Vidal Health TPA is one of them. Thanks for being there with us when it gets down to making it happen for our employees.


    Arpana S. Mehra,
    Vice President - Human Resources

  • It was a real pleasure interacting with Vidal Health TPA services at the time when I needed them the most. I was really turned off from all sides, but the way you guys helped me out during this crunch period was marvelous. Also Vidal Health TPA is a superb alliance to GMR Group. It has helped us immensely.

    Vikas Kumar,
    Associate Manager - Human Resource
    GMR Sports Pvt. Limited, Bangalore

  • Thank you for your pro-active response. Appreciate your help in expediting the cashless hospitalization.
    Keep up the good work!

    Dr.Sabiha D’Souza,
    Service Head - Employee Benefits
    Prudent Insurance Brokers Pvt. Ltd

  • Thanks a lot for the prompt settlement of the claim.
    Actually at jet speed.
    Really appreciate it!


    Kunal Kapur
    Assistant Vice President,
    Claims Canara HSBC Oriental Bank of Commerce Life Insurance Company Limited.

  • We, being the relatives of the patient, tried everything that we could. Thanks to your timely support we could sail through our difficult times. Appreciate your support and understanding the needs of a patient who is terminally ill with brain cancer & sensitivity that it brings to his immediate family.

    Lakshminarayana Neti,
    Project Director,
    Abbott India Limited

  • I am so glad to inform you that your representative was prompt in responding to all the calls and his way of solving the issue was fantastic. We appreciate the services from Vidal Health TPA.


    Guruprasath R,
    Vantage Insurance Brokers & Risk Advisors Pvt. Ltd.

  • At the outset & on behalf of Emedlife, I personally appreciate your services that you have been rendering to all our clients & helping us at times where it is required. I wish you all the best for your future endeavors. We are very happy with your services. Good job done!

    N.R.Krishna Kumar,
    Manager-Corporate Relations,
    Emedlife Insurance Broking Services Limited.

  • Dealing with Vidal Health TPA has always been a pleasure. We appreciate your response to our calls at any time. If a priority is mentioned for a particular claim whether pre-authorisation or reimbursement, they attend to it immediately and effectively in the shortest possible time.

    Gita Pillai
    Manager-Operations and Customer Support
    Acme Insurance Broking Services P Ltd

  • In appreciation of the output of work serviced by Vidal Health TPA, we are very much pleased with your rapid response towards us. We congratulate you for your fine service. We seek out the same support from you as provided earlier.

    Vikrama Krishna.M.A
    Asst.Manager – Personnel
    Ashok Leyland

  • I would like to let you all know that Suresh from Vidal Health TPA help desk was very helpful with regards to our claim. They have helped us settle the claim without any issues. I have never come across such an excellent service from any TPA till date.


    Suresh, you are excellent and have done an great job. Thank you very much fro your wonderful service.




    Johnathan Sylvester

    Orcale India



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We, at Vidal Health TPA Pvt Ltd, believe customer satisfaction is of utmost importance and constantly strive to achieve the same.Click here



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Did you know ?

  • Insurance Repository System to Benefit Policyholders


     The Insurance Repository will provide policyholders the facility to keep insurance policies in electronic form reducing the need for safekeeping a document. It will act as a single platform for making any changes in the same.

    Customers will now be able to carry out important transactions like alteration in nominee or address details for multiple insurance policies from various insurance companies without having to deal with each company on an individual basis.
    Right now the facility is only available for life insurance policies. IRS will soon digitize non-life insurance policies as well.
  • Don’t have Health Insurance Pay 60% more !


    In a dramatic reversal of the trend that existed just three years ago, big corporate hospitals today charge health insurance card holders much less than those paying in cash for the same procedures. Those paying out of their pockets are now billed anywhere between 25% and 60% more than those with cashless health insurance schemes.

    A knee replacement can cost you up to Rs  2.44 lakh in any of these hospitals, but the same comes at a fixed package of Rs 1.60 lakh if you are backed by an insurance policy.


  • IRDA’s Consumer Education Website: A Bima Bemisaal initiative


    The Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority has been taking a series of initiatives under the Bima Bemisaal logo for creating awareness about insurance. The latest initiative is the proposed exclusive educational website for members of the public, prospects and policyholders with a view to educating them about matters relevant to consumers of or prospects for various insurance services. The objective of having an exclusive website is to educate consumers about insurance, in particular, regarding Buying Insurance, Making a Claim etc. The website can be accessed at www.policyholder.gov.in. You may also register your complaints and Grievances also through this site.

  • All Claim payments will be through Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT)


    All Claim payments will be through Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) and no cheques would be issued. Please file the EFT Format along with a copy of the cancelled Cheque Leaf as well a copy of the page of the Bank Pass Book/ Certificate from Bank containing the name and address of the Account Holder, IFSC Code and Account Number.

  •  New India Assurance Co. Ltd. Appreciates Vidal Health TPA

    In reference to a case that was decided by the Insurance Ombudsman dated 07.08-2014. It is observed that Dr. Shruthi from Vidal Health TPA has very well defended the case before the Insurance Ombudsman. 

    New India Assurance Co. Ltd. appreciates the strong defence on the behalf of the Insurance Company and the technical detail which has helped the decision in our favour. 

    Tajinder Mukherjee

    Dy. General Manager

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