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Health Tools

Protein Calculator

Adequate protein intake ensures that you can make that 'lean chiselled' look a reality. Use this calculator to tell you how much protein you should include in your diet on a day to day basis.

Calories Burned Running

One of the fundamental tenets of good health - is managing energy well so that you are able to sustain peak performance. This calculator helps you compute the rate at which you burn up calories - your metabolic rate.

One Rep Max Weight Lifting

The Advanced One Rep Max Weight Lifting Calculator is very similar to our Standard One Rep Max Weight Lifting Calculator with the major difference being that this calculator uses a table of various coefficients that are specific to the major exercises. Bench press, deadlift, and squat are all included in this calculator.

Beats and Breaths

Beats and Breaths Calculator is designed to give an estimated number of heartbeats and breaths taken during your lifetime based on your birth date. It is based on average breaths and heartbeats for the individual rather than specifics and does not provide an exact number for an individual.